WHY Hungary

Budapest is a popular location for exchange and Erasmus students. Thousands of foreign students come each year from all over the world to spend a semester or two at one of Budapest’s universities. Whether you’re at a European university wanting to come to Hungary on Erasmus, or a student from elsewhere in the world wanting to do an exchange or a summer semester, there are plenty of options. Not only is that Budapest a relatively inexpensive city, with plenty of student life and plenty of others to share the experience with. Studying in Budapest promises to be the experience of a lifetime!

Below are just some of the reasons that Canada is the right fit for you:

Quality Education

Budapest has many quality universities to choose from, and depending on your area ...

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Easy to find accommodation

Accommodation in Budapest, even in the most central areas near metro and tram stops, is ...

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Hungary has a pretty reasonable cost of living, making it a great destination for students ..

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Plenty of support networks

Thousands of students come to Budapest each year to study and so it’s a well-worn path with ...

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Explore the region

There’s plenty to see in the whole region so if you have a spare weekend or want to venture ...

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Budapest’s student life is well-known. During the day you can find students filling libraries...

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