About University

HELP University is a private university in Malaysia that was founded in 1986 with the mission to provide quality and affordable education to everyday Malaysians. HELP University was formerly known as HELP University College.

HELP has 2 campuses in Malaysia – Damansara Heights and Subang 2, both within an hour’s distance of each other. HELP’s Subang 2 campus is a 3.3 acres development that will house students from their psychology and business faculties

HELP University offers a diverse range of programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, such as Psychology, Law, Business and Management.

HELP University is the first private university in Malaysia to offer a degree in Psychology, as well as the UK Degree Transfer Program for Law. It was recently awarded the Brand Laureate Award for Best Private Tertiary Education 2012.

Why choose HELP University

Following are the key point which might be considers choosing HELP University.

Links with Top Universities

Hundreds of students transfer to leading universities abroad in their 2nd and 3rd year, including University of Queensland and Cardiff University.

Emotional Intelligence is Key

High IQ is not enough, EQ is just as important too! Achieve your fullest potential via HELP comprehensive personal development programs.

Strong Job Placements

HELP Career Placement Program helps you on the stressful journey of Job-seeking via workshops and partnerships with leading companies.



  • To be a university with a strong culture of quality and leadership that focuses on sound academic standards, continuous improvement, and the talent development of students and staff.
  • To be a university that offers a learning experience that enhances career development, lifetime values and personal fulfilment.
  • To be a university with a strong research focus in our key areas of excellence.
  • To be a university that shares our success with the stakeholders and communities we serve.

    To help people succeed in life and to live a life of significance through education

    Educational Goals

    Educational goals have been to prepare students for their first job graduate school, to prepare students for their subsequent career and to prepare students for a fulfilling and productive life. The drives of our vision are our values which are based on “Pride Of Achievement, Sharing Success, The Courage to Be, To Be compassionate, and To be Significant”.

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