About University

Sunway University was founded on 2011 when Sunway University College was upgraded to university status. It is part of the Sunway Education Group, governed by the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation which was founded in 2010.

The purpose-built campus Sunway University is located strategically in the centre of Sunway township, surrounded by a wide range of amenities and conveniences. This includes a vibrant shopping mall, a theme park and a hospital.

Sunway University is rated ‘Tier 5 (Excellent)‘ by the Ministry of Higher Education (MQA SETARA 2013).

Sunway University offers everything from undergraduate degree programs to postgraduate programs, in disciplines such as Accounting, Business, Computing and Psychology.

Why choose SUNWAY University

Chose Sunway University on the basis of following:

  • World-Ranked Partnerships
  • Strategic partnership with Lancaster University (dual-award) and Le Cordon Bleu for their hospitability programs.
  • Industry Ready Skills
  • Programs are built with an internship component, preparing you for the real working world.
  • Global Student Community
  • Be part of a Diverse Community and global university that has students from over 90 countries.
  • Vision and Mission


    To be a World Class University


    To nurture all-round individuals and devote ourselves to the discovery, advancement, transmission and application of knowledge that meet the needs of our society and the global community


    Sunway University will carry out its mission with integrity and unwavering dedication to excellence, enterprise, professionalism, financial self-reliance, innovation, mutual respect and team spirit

    Educational Goals

    Sunway University students will:

  • become independent, lifelong learners who actively pursue knowledge and appreciate its global application to economic, political, social and cultural development
  • be empowered with the competencies and capacity to contribute to a fast-changing economic, social and technological world
  • develop strong leadership qualities and communication skills
  • be prepared for careers that enable them to lead productive, fulfilling and meaningful lives
  • value integrity and become ethical, accountable, caring and responsible members of society
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