Why Poland:

For students from outside the European Union who come to study in Poland, this may well be the beginning of a fascinating adventure of discovering Europe. Being invited to study in Poland means that you are invited to the European Union, of which Poland is an active member state. We encourage you to discover the European Union, which offers not only varied and interesting cultures and the opportunities associated with strong, innovative economies, but it also provides the very best conditions for successful higher education study in a challenging and friendly atmosphere. With top-quality, internationally recognized degrees, almost no other region in the world can set your career off to such a promising start. We would like to present you top 6 reasons why study in Poland. Some of the reasons seem to distinguish Poland from other European countries.

Below are just some of the reasons that Canada is the right fit for you:

Quality Education

In Poland higher education has a long tradition. First university was established in 1364 in Cracow...

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Cities full of magic

Poland is a land where west and east meet together. No doubts then that you can find ...

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It is not a secret that average cost of studying in Poland is even two times lower than in Western ...

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Food & Hospitality

One would ask how the Poles really are? The first thing that every person who have ...

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If you would like to study in Poland, you need to fulfill certain requirements...

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When you think of Canada, you probably think of its picture postcard beauty...

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