Study in Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country, but it's also a land of great diversity. Not only have the three main linguistic areas developed their own culture, traditions, economy and cuisine, but the great number of foreigners settled in Switzerland have also brought with them their various cultures and languages. With four national languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh) and over 21% of the population consisting of foreign citizens, Switzerland is a unique melting pot in the heart of Europe. Although the majority of people (60%) speak German or, more precisely, Swiss-German Swiss residents often speak at least two languages. Cross-cultural encounters are part of daily life in Switzerland; multilingualism is often helpful!

All of this makes studying in Switzerland an exciting and fulfilling experience. In fact, nearly a third of Students studying in Switzerland are from abroad (this figure rises to over 50% for research students!).

Below are just some of the reasons that Canada is the right fit for you:

Quality Education

The education system in Switzerland is internationally recognized for its excellence. ...

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Most Swiss universities are publicly funded which makes studying at a Swiss university ...

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Most Swiss universities own student accommodation which they manage and rent ...

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Student Jobs in Switzerland

When you have obtained your residence permit and proven you have the financial resources ...

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You have to apply through HS Global Education each university in Switzerland...

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The official languages of Switzerland are German (North, Central and Eastern Switzerland)...

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