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One of HS Global Education greatest strengths is our educational partners, all of whom are undeniably leaders in the education industry. We have partners in UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Pakistan and China. Many provide state-of-the-art academic support to our students throughout the year. Still others are simply the best in the field of education. All of our partners bring incredible support to our organization and creative trainings and we are proud to be partnered with all of them.


Good agents are important in looking after the interests of both the students and the Educational Institutions. The strength of our partnership with education institutions around the world is one of the key foundations of our business. We provide our educational partners (Universities, Colleges, Schools) a comprehensive student recruitment service. We always listen closely to our partner's feedback to find out what's important, and we adapt and develop our programmes and service accordingly. That's why we have developed, and continue to expand, long-term, supportive partnerships with universities from all major source countries. Our strong grounding in Dubai, Kuwait, London, Pakistan and Qatar gives us strong penetration in Middle Eastern countries, MENA region, China, India and Pakistan. Following are few services we provide:

  • Managing complete admission application process
  • Manage Hotel booking for visiting delegation
  • Arrange University visits to local schools and colleges
  • Arrange 1-to-1 interview session with potential students
  • Venue arrangements and taxi pickup/drop service prior to exhibitions


Sub-agent model offers strong benefits for institutions and agents alike If you are already offering Overseas Education Counseling then you can work under us as a Sub Agent. As a sub agent you will promote institutes represented by us. You will be provided full information about our educational partners and the set targets that need to achieve. The Commission rate from the partner institution will be shared based on volume criteria. To start work as Sub Agent/Agency, following conditions will apply:

  • You must have experience or already working in education counselling business.
  • Sub Agency will not be provided with any training, but we will provide you detail information about partner institutes.
  • Sub Agency cannot use our Brand name in any event, website or broacher unless otherwise authorized.
  • Sub Agency need to pay an associate fees of $100 to become partner

If you would like to become a HSGE sub-agent, please contact us and one of our appointed team member for your region will be in touch soon.

Send us email at


Owning a franchise allows you to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself If you do not or have less experience in the education consulting business, and want to ride the wave, then the best option is to take franchisee of an existing educational consulting firm. You will have benefit of working with Leader in Overseas Education Counseling Industry. You will get best service and support from us The major benefits of going for a franchisee route are that you will get all the knowledge, training and best practices from the franchisers. Following are the rights you will get as franchisee:

  • The right to use our brand name
  • Comprehensive and Intensive training before you start
  • Staff and other counsellor training and certification
  • Opportunity to visit overseas training courses or seminars in UK, USA, Canada or Australia
  • Proven off-line marketing strategies
  • Continuous support
  • Attractive commission sharing
  • Access to centralized student management system for maintaining student records and operations.

Franchisee Eligibility

Educational Qualifications: Candidate should be a graduate in any discipline.

Business experience and skills

The individual should possess 2-5 years of experience in any education industry, preferably at the senior management level. Be Self-employed in Business.

Geographical knowledge

The candidate should have complete knowledge of the regional market